The Work of Reilly Sinanan

(Photo courtesy of Reilly Sinanan)

I remember speaking to a friend about a poet whose name escapes me. When questioned about the approximant time he started writing, this forgotten poet simply wondered when everybody else stopped. In the world behind his eyes, children spoke in poetry; meandering sentences, questions and jostling observations that are strange, inventive and misplaced, like whirlwinds at the bottom of the ocean.

The protocol of aging suggests that we relinquish poetic tongues—that we lay secret languages to rest and exchange them for words that are merely pragmatic. However, there are a sturdy few who choose to ignore this particular facet of aging. And though, quite naturally, they’ve grown armor to deflect jagged edges projected by the outside world, a child remains somewhere within, hidden behind an earlobe or breastbone, constantly unearthing opportunities to create.

The work of my dear friend Reilly Sinanan epitomizes this notion of the hidden child within. Mixing and transcending a number of different mediums, he maintains the ability to totter between the playful, the abstract, the unanswered, and the bleak. Here exists an artist that can hone in on the dreamy spools of madness that haunt childish and grown-up minds alike. So take a moment to look, feel and understand that any idea that provokes the imagination is far more impactful than any act of logic, reason or war.

CLICK HERE to view some more of his work.

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