Where Do We Go From Here?

In my debut collaboration with Summer Channel, a heartbroken little boy takes a paracosmic voyage though the imagination to escape the clutch of his reality. Featuring stunning vocals by Chrysta Bell, “Where Do We Go From Here” pays homage to the prototypical narratives of my childhood.


Empire Systems 

Rafael Anton Irisarri (aka The Sight Below) has been turning out some of the most emotive and subtle electronic music in recent memory. For his new release on experimental mainstay Room40, I attempted to bestow sentience on light and color.


Future Fireflies

Out of all the record labels in the world of electronic music that I’ve been following for the better part of two decades, the German imprint Traum is one of the most enchanting. Egokind and OZEAN’s memorizing track “Future Fireflies” afforded me the opportunity to contort desert landscapes and seduce skies into throes of dance.


One Hundred & Twenty-Three Seconds of Aquatic Indiscretion

Enchanted by a spell of inebriation and promiscuity, figures distorts into a sinister collage of watery limbs. Edited to driving beats by EshOne, “One Hundred and Twenty-Three Seconds of Aquatic Indiscretion” is a hallucinatory exploration of light and the human body. If you want to hear more from EshOne, CLICK HERE.


Source E

Quedabra kicks off his brand new label Depths of Heaven Music with dense 808s and tricked out samples. Featuring some badass dancers sporting gear from Future Fantasy Delight, “Source E” drops the monochromatic rotoscoping action hard!


Molecular Fiction

Narratives exist all around us. Some are so blatant and tangible, it can be easy to dismiss the molecular conflicts spurring in secret every moment of everyday. A shimmering study of fluid and light, “Molecular Fiction” delves into the beauty, ambiguity and tragedy of movement and color that often goes unseen.



My music video for Trance stalwarts Lange and Betsie Larkin centers around a beautiful nomad wandering a primitive landscape while time and space  pass before her, reinforcing the insatiable nature of existence.



Wandering in a somnambular state through a succession of corridors, a woman traverses the amalgam of other people’s dreams and anxieties. Developed and shot for the band SuperGiant, “Emotion” is a psychedelic nod to empathy and expressionism. For more information on SuperGiant, CLICK HERE.


Miscellaneous Theories on Time

While grieving, reality abides by physics all its own. Memory becomes sense. Sense becomes time. Time becomes scene. Shot in gray haze of Western Washington, “Miscellaneous Theories on Time” serves as a brief meditation on the moments that propel us forward and the instances that hold us back.


Rose Colony

My short documentary “Rose Colony” details the work of Seattle based installation artist, theologian and dear friend Reilly Sinanan. CLICK HERE to check out more of his work. You’ll be glad you did.



When my close friend and colleague Alexander Paul approached me to help write and shoot time lapses for a short film about an ancient priestess’s musings on the heavens and the earth, I quickly feel under the impression that the endeavor would result in something quite biblical. Whether or not that notion proved itself, we did win the Audience Choice Award at the 2012 Cronos International Film Festival, so at least there’s that. If you want to check out more of Alex’s work, CLICK HERE.


Other Projectors

“Other Projectors” was initially shot as a camera test for the SuperGiant video “Emotion”. At first, I was under the impression that I’d review the footage, take a couple of notes and be done with it. However, after kicking down a quick edit and inserting some ambient music, the video burrowed inside me somehow, revealing itself as a project with an identity all its own.


Some Hot Mosaic Time Lapse Action

So my old pal Kyle P. Erikson does really outstanding mosaic work. If I had any money, I’d wager he’s one of the best in the Southwest. Much of his work diverges from the decorative application synonymous with the medium, often channeling darker, conceptually provocative art. We decided to set up a couple of cameras and film a time lapse of his efforts, which can be enjoyed below.


Nocturnal Doubling (2011 Reel)

“Nocturnal Doubling” is a collection of footage I directed between the summer of 2009 and the spring of 2011. Most the footage contained within this reel can be view in its entirety right here right now.


It’s a Deadly Substance (2007 Reel)

“It’s a Deadly Substance” is a video reel containing several projects I shot from 2004 – 2007. It’s always interesting to review the creative progress and thematic consistencies that haunt an artist’s body of work, so I figured I’d throw this one on here just for the hell of it.  Once again, I also kicked out the fat beat playing in the background. Shameless self-promotion.